IQ Connect: Home automation and interactive services made simple.

IQ Connect provides you with a complete turnkey solution for signalling and services that does not require local software, servers, or IT personnel for support. It works with all Qolsys, DSC, and Visonic branded security, life safety, and automation products.

Using an intuitive mobile app or web-based portal, IQ Connect subscribers can manage the security control panels, sensors, cameras, and automation devices installed in their home or business and receive real-time security, sensor, and activity alerts, without subscribing to a separate third-party provider.

Easy customer enrolment and account transfers.
Quickly get new and existing customers online, up, and running!

High reliability and uptime
All services and functionality are managed by Johnson Controls personnel live on a 24/7 basis.

Scalable and high capacity
Can support thousands of subscriber accounts with a full suite of installation and diagnostic tools.

Wireless data costs included
Wireless services provided by AT&T. Signalling and data SIM management all included, with no variable costs based on usage.

Supports both “self-monitoring” by end customers and “professional” ARC/CMS monitoring
Plus two-way audio support for central station alarm verification on supported controls.

Full time dual-path IP and cellular signalling
With dedicated VPN for signal backhaul to the monitoring centre.

Security Packages can be purchased at a fixed 24-month package price or on a month-to-month basis.
 IQ SIGNAL FORWARDING • Dual-Path IP/Cellular Alarm Signal Forwarding to an ARC/CMS Monitoring Center
• Daily Signal Supervision
• AirFX Remote Customer Management Tools
• Dialer Delay
• Crash & Smash™
• Forwarding of Alarm and Supervisory Signals
• Arming/Disarming Events (Alarms, Troubles, Cancels) D
*Does not include end-customer mobile apps, web portal access, or alerts.
 IQ ESSENTIAL SECURITY Includes all “IQ Signal Forwarding” features plus:
• Geo-Services
• Permission-based logins
• Searchable 60-day event history
• End-user mobile apps & web-portal platform
• Remote arm/disarm, and real-time email and mobile notifications when specific sensors report activity while the security control is armed.
• “Images-Alarms” which transmits PIRcam alarm images to an ARC/CMS
 IQ ADVANCED SECURITY Includes all “IQ Essential Security” features plus:
• 24/7 activity monitoring of up to 50 sensors
• Activity reporting
• Create push & email notification rules during specific time frames.
• “Images-Alarms” which transmits PIRcam alarm images to an ARC/CMS
• “Images-Limited" which transmits images from the integrated camera on Qolsys controls when the system is disarmed
 IQ ADVANCED SECURITY & AUTOMATION Includes “IQ Advanced Security” features plus:
• Weather-to-the-Panel
• Unexpected Activity Alerts
• Automation Capabilities: control of lights, locks, thermostats, water sensors & valves, garage doors, gates, and Lutron shades
 IQ AUTOMATION • Control of lights, locks, thermostats, water sensors & valves, garage doors, gates, and Lutron shades
• Sensor Activity Monitoring for up to 40 sensors
• "Images-Plus" add-on features which send PIR camera Images when a PIR camera detects motion, and when initiated by customer request "Peek-In"